SAS CEO: This is our most important journey

The journey toward more sustainable air travel is our most important journey ever.

Air travel makes people meet and it’s a key enabler for open and progressive societies. We connect businesses, communities and cultures in a time-efficient way. To maintain this enormous value, we’re determined to reduce the climate impact of flying. Innovation and new technologies will drive the necessary transition toward more sustainable aviation and here at SAS, we want to lead the way. Our journey toward more sustainable air travel is the most important one of all. 

During the year, we’ve made major investments in new aircraft with reduced fuel consumption, and, consequently, carbon emissions. A lot of other activities have been carried out with reducing environmental impact in mind, such as minimizing the use of plastic, increasing possibilities to preorder meals, using electrical vehicles on the ground, removing tax-free sales on board and optimizing the use of deicing and anti-icing fluids. Our constant focus on punctuality also has a significantly positive impact on fuel consumption and thus emissions.

These, and many other initiatives, have been carried out during 2019 because we know that every step toward reducing environmental impact matters. We manifested our efforts by giving our new, modern and energy-efficient fleet a new look with a new livery.

We have also continued to push for large-scale commercial production of biofuel in Scandinavia to be able to increase its use in our operations. In addition, our travelers can now buy biofuel, reducing climate-impacting carbon emissions by about 80%. We need biofuel to bridge the gap until we have zero-emission aircraft. 

In the longer term, we’re looking into new technologies to eliminate emissions. That’s why I’m very proud that in 2019, SAS started a cooperation with Airbus, which has chosen SAS as its partner in a joint -research project to develop the next generation aircraft. Until climate-neutral flying becomes technically possible, we offset carbon emissions, so all SAS tickets for EuroBonus members and youth travelers are now automatically carbon offset by SAS, free of charge.

With the holiday season coming up, you can give someone the chance to experience the world with a SAS Gift Card. It’s a present that can also be used to add biofuel to make the journey more sustainable.

We look forward to 2020 and seeing you on board.

Rickard Gustafson
President and CEO, SAS

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